Education Visa

Stay for a long time in Thailand

With an education visa you get Thai or English lessons included. You do not need to do any expensive and time consuming visa runs. You can renew year after year.

Permits a visitor to stay for up to one year

For those who want to stay for a longer time in Thailand, we recommend obtaining an ED Visa (Education Visa). For most nationalities they are simple to qualify for. We are the Hua Hin Education Visa Centre with hundreds of successful applications.

Once you get accepted, you attend a Thai or English language course at our school with one of our competent and friendly instructors. Our courses have been accredited by the Ministry of Education. At the end of the visa you can sign up again. Currently some visitors have been able to benefit from this scheme for several years.


An Education Visa (ED Visa) permits the holder to stay in Thailand for up to one year. It includes an English language course or a Thai language course.


TLC will provide Ministry of Education documentation and application forms to be completed by the applicant.


For the latest ED Visa requirements please call into our office if you are in Hua Hin. Or, if you are elsewhere in Thailand or have not yet arrived in Thailand, please email us: or


There are some basic requirements we need for all applications:

  1. Sight of or a copy of your visa history.
  2. How long you intend to stay in Thailand.
  3. The date you wish your visa to commence.
  4. Your date of arrival in Thailand.
  5. Your present whereabouts.


Eligible visas include VOA 30 or 90 days or Tourist Visa 60 days. Whilst everyone can apply, visas are issued on a case-by case basis and ED visa requirements can vary from country to country of origin.