Thailand Language Centre (TLC)

TLC provides a relaxed and congenial learning environment where students are able to get maximum benefit from their learning experience with qualified Thai, English and Chinese instructors.

From time to time, very popular cultural events are arranged for students to visit places of interest and to interact with local people and fellow students.

Our class rooms offer congenial surroundings where students feel at home and relaxed – and in the mood for learning.

Education Visa

Stay for a long time in Thailand

This visa permits a visitor to stay for one year, providing they fulfill the requirements, get accepted, sign up and attend a one year course in a feature of Thai culture, such as Thai Language lessons. With an education visa you get Thai or English lessons included. You do not need to do any expensive and time consuming visa runs. You can renew year after year.

All Courses

The Language Centre

Licensed by
Thailand Ministry of Education
Learn Thai
Thai people appreciate it when a foreigner attempts to speak their language. At TLC you can learn the joy of being able not only to attempt to speak Thai, but to be able to communicate effectively with them in speaking, reading and writing.
Learn English
English is truly an international language. At TLC we start at the level you have already attained and gradually build on it to ensure comprehensive English skills, embracing speaking, reading and writing, A feature of each lesson is ‘talk time’ where students have the opportunity to talk together in English to practice the grammar and vocabulary they have learned.
Learn Chinese
Thailand hosts many Chinese visitors each year. TLC Chinese language courses are offered for those who need to interact with Chinese people for business or pleasure.

About Us

TLC Language Academy since 2008

TLC was established in 2008 and has recently celebrated its 15th birthday, with 90% of the same staff as at its inception.

Licensed by the Thailand Ministry of Education, TLC has taught thousands of students over the years, many of whom still remain in touch through social media.