About TLC

Achieved a reward of Excellent Internal Quality System from the Office of the Private Education Commission

We are licensed by the Ministry of Education and our curriculums have been approved by them as suitable for fast assimilation of a new language.

Our Story

We were established in 2008

We have served thousands of students since then. Many of our students return year after year – they are our best recommendation. And unlike many language schools in Thailand, most of our teachers have been with us from the start. They have forged strong relationships with the students who even when they return to their homeland, keep in regular contact through social media. And they always recommend our teachers to their friends.

Our class rooms offer congenial surroundings where students feel at home and relaxed – and in the mood for learning. In addition we regularly offer culture trips whereby students can use the language they have learned in real time situations. We visit tourist destinations and engage in practical activities involving Thai cuisine, Muay Thai boxing, visits to temples or handicraft making.


Thai Teachers


Ajarn Pui has more than 20 years experience teaching Thai to foreigners both in Thailand and The Netherlands. She speaks fluent English and Dutch, as well as Thai. Pui has been with us since 2009. She graduated from Chulalongkhorn University in Bangkok with an M.A. in Adult Education. She also holds a diploma in Applied Linguistics and NT2 in The Netherlands. Pui has worked with a number of language institutes in her career and has taught all ages and nationalities.


Ajarn Kob has been teaching Thai to foreigners for more than 9 years. She graduated from Kasetsart University in Bangkok with a B.A. and subsequently obtained certification for practical Thai teaching to foreigners in at Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Ajarn Smith is a Thai national with a very fluent skill in English and Thai language. He has been teaching a TLC for 14 years. His particular expertise is in teaching Thai reading, writing, and conversation courses at all levels from beginner to advanced. In 2011, he attained certification as a teacher on a development programme sponsored by the Office of Private Education Commission.

English Teachers

Paul Ryall

Paul Ryall is a native British English speaker who joined us shortly after we started in 2008 and has become a familiar figure at our school ever since. Prior to joining TLC, Paul headed the English Programme of a major government school in Bangkok for six years. He is an accomplished public speaker. He has taught the art for many years and has himself given corporate lectures in the UK, The Netherlands, Japan and Thailand. His speaking ability with wide vocabulary range and clear diction makes him a popular English teacher, particularly with private students.

Katrina Ann Cole

Teaching at TLC for the past six years has been a pleasure. Getting to meet and learn about students from Thailand and abroad is exciting and a teaching experience in itself. And working with the team at TLC is never a burden. The teamwork and the positive atmosphere make the days at TLC a joy!

Dennis Law

Experienced English Teacher with multiple years of joyful teaching experience. From teaching college students in England to Saudi Arabia to teaching kindergarten, primary children in Thailand. Infusing a light-hearted and engaging approach into lessons, I strive to make language learning a delightful journey. Recognized for fostering a positive classroom atmosphere while enhancing students' language skills and cultural awareness. Committed to creating an enjoyable educational experience that sparks a lifelong love for the English language

Chinese Teacher

Donnie Jim

Donnie Jim was born and raised in China. He speaks English well. Donnie has been teaching Mandarin at TLC for 6 years now, using Thai and English language to teach it.

Our Staff


Khun Venus

Venus can usually be found behind a mountain of papers. Her responsibility is to ensure the legality of our customers and foreign teaching staff. She handles visa applications and work permits. Venus has worked for TLC for 15 years.

Khun Joy

Joy is usually the first point of contact for our customers, and the person they go to when they face visa issues. She has almost daily contact with the Thai immigration department so she is always up to date with their regulations. Joy is very friendly, always with a smile, and speaks English well, so customers feel comfortable when they discuss their needs and concerns with her. Joy is also responsible for accounting and has worked for TLC for 15 years.

Khun Wanvisa

Wanvisa (nickname Nun) is a much needed assistant to Venus, as well as supporting staff with teaching materials.